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The following HCO-developed brochures and manuals are available for free download.

Oriented drillcore: Measurement and calculation procedures� Pdf file that includes full description of oriented core procedures; including extracting structural information from unoriented core; instructions for manual stereographic plotting of core data; bias and error detection ; QA/QC procedures; and some stereographic analytical procedures[~5Mb]
[Last modified: May 19, 2013]
This link [~4.8Mb) is to a Chinese translation of the above [translated by Zhu Fengsan, organised by Greg Hall]. Note that this Chinese version is of an earlier edition than the English language version above

Workshop manuals: Understanding large hydrothermal systems� Pdf files of manuals for workshops delivered by Nick Oliver. Although designed around large hydrothermal systems (e.g. IOCGs) these manuals describe approaches that should be used with all alteration systems.
Download: Manual 1 (~400kb); Manual 2 (~1.3Mb); Manual 3 (~290kb)

Oriented core printable wrap-around protractors for measuring alpha and beta angle�Printable wrap-around protractors for measuring alpha and beta angles in oriented drill core, plus simplified scaled logging sheets for rapid logs. [9.8 Mb]

Spreadsheet template for producing geochemical isocon diagrams�Excel worksheet containing a working template for producing isocon diagrams of element mobility in alteration systems (~40kb)

Training notes: Structural Data Conventions and Measurement�Pdf notes on the basics of structural data, and measurement and recording conventions. Extract from Chapter2 from field manual (135p) used in field training courses.

Training notes: Mapping and Structural Geology in Metals ExplorationPdf file of Contents and Introduction pages from field manual (135p) used in field training courses. This brochure is only intended to give potential clients a feel for the type of approach used in some of our training programs. The full manual It is not yet available for public release, but there are plans to release it as a Print-on-Demand text sometime in the future (when time can be found to reformat it!). It is aimed at professional geologists requiring elements of revision of basic field structure in orogenic domains (~200kb).

Database and GIS fundaments:OR
'There is a difference between a spreadsheet and a database'
Manual covering the basic requirements of a database; the do's and don'ts of using Excel spreadsheets as databases; the fundamentals of relational databases; GIS packages as databases; and the fundamentals of datums and projections. [Pdf file~700kb];

Graphical templates for plotting structural data� Pdf file that includes stereographic projection nets (polar and equatorial); rose diagram templates, counting nets,... Other graphical templates will continue to be added so keep an eye on updates. (~2Mb)

AnimationsThis link takes you to a download page for animations developed by Rod Holcombe for use in structural geology teaching. They include demonstrations of folding and boudinage of planes in a homogeneous strain field, development of gash veins, fabrics in shear zones, etc .

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