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Alteration skills workshop/mapping course

Workshop/on-site course designed to raise skills in recognising, sampling, and mapping alteration patterns.

Nick Oliver

Although this module can be delivered as an off-site workshop using rocks and data from your project areas, it is best run as an on-site exercise associated with the daily activities of the participating geologists. It can also be run as a subset of the mine/pit mapping course. Modules 2 and 3 of the Hydrothermal Systems workshops can be built on this module.

The mapping component focusses on developing useful maps of alteration patterns in a mine or pit context. It emphasises the need to clearly differentiate between unit mapping and alteration mapping. The emphasis can be on either (or both) mapping practices or on recognition and sampling as a prelude to analysis.
The alteration skills workshop, uses our �best example� rocks, and your own project rock or core samples. You will recognise and distinguish different patterns of veining, alteration and lithological controls, simply using these hand specimens. When used as an introductory module of the hydrothermal systems workshops, it focusses on the recognition of fluid conduits and assessing their metal-carrying or precipitating capacity from core or outcrop or workings hand specimens. You are shown how to turn this into a revised sampling strategy or methodology, or designing specific needs for geochemical work. Module 1 workshop notes download

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