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Advanced structural analysis

Tools, skills and theoretical background required to interpret multiply deformed complex structures and shear zones in metamorphic rocks of all grades.

Note that these topics assumes the content of the Ductile Structures course topics as background.

Instructor: Rod Holcombe

Many major orogenic gold and base metal deposits occur in complex multiply deformed structures. Such structures provide the greatest challenge to the structural specialist, let alone the average site geologist. A high level of theoretical understanding and observational skill is required to gather appropriate field data and to analyse the results. In most cases not only is the 3-D geometrical structural required, but also the relative mineralisation timing and genesis. The modules presented here cover both new tools appropriate for understanding and dealing with such structures, and at providing sufficient theoretical background to allow site geologists to engage and communicate effectively with structural specialists.

Key concepts are: fabric generations; overprinting criteria; fold superposition; outcrop interference patterns; fold facing; fabric generations and overprinting; vergence domains. Key tools are: microscopic and mesoscopic analysis; stereographic analysis and definition of structural domains; facing and vergence maps.

The following topics assume the Ductile Structures course as required background.

Advanced Analysis topics

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