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We are an international consortium of consultants to resource industries world-wide. A shared background in structural geology is our common link, but each brings specialist skills that allow us to provide expertise to a large range of problems. We provide solutions both as independent consultancies and in collaboration. Rod and Tim define local and regional structural frameworks; Nick defines fluid pathways and geochemical vectors for exploration. Tim provides corporate guidance and and exploration targeting in frontier environments; Rod and Nick provide in-house training and mentoring based on decades of teaching experience.

On-site consulting Fold_in_Quarry_pic

  • Structural and geochemical resource constraints
  • Pit, mine, brownfields, and greenfields mapping; and evaluation
  • Alteration definition & mapping
  • QA/QC evaluation of oriented drilling and assaying procedures
  • 3D modelling
  • Paragenetic & mineralisation definition

Target generation/ tectonic frameworks/ regional hydrothermal systems analysis Yilgarn_magnetics

  • Time-Space plots and analysis
  • Literature surveys
  • Geochron/prospect/geochem databases
  • Regional structural evaluation and synthesis
  • Target generation in frontier political climates
  • Integrated geochemistry, alteration, and mineralisation pattern analysis
  • ...

Software applications GEOrient_composite_pic

  • Stereographic and Rose diagram plotting (GEOrient)
  • Oriented drillcore calculations (GeoCalculator)
  • Strain and shear zone analysis (Strain Calculator)
  • Mapinfo tools
  • ...

Courses and in-house training Drillcore_geometry

  • Basic mapping; mine mapping
  • regional mapping & synthesis
  • oriented core logging
  • structural & metamorphic theory
  • shear zone analysis
  • assay data interpretion
  • alteration recognition & mapping
  • geochemical sampling procedures
  • dealing with large inherited geochemical databases
  • converting core observations into targeting strategies
  • ...

Manuals and other products

  • Oriented core procedures
  • Dealing with alteration & geochemistry
  • ...


  • Structural graphical templates; animations; how to identify elements that have moved during alteration; ...
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